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A non-profit charity that aims to help and serve our beloved country Syria Funding from the membership of the members and the return of development projects and donations from individuals and international organizations Concerned about the victims of the war and their families Founded in 2015

The offices are located in nine countries .. The main office is located in the city of Harasta east of Damascus it was licensed to work from Canada. City of Alberta. No. 5020610910

The organization began its work by providing monthly financial assistance to the families of the injured and the handicapped. Then the work progressed significantly and quickly due to the lack of organizations operating in this field.

Noor Al-Sham association office structure in the Netherlands :

Syrian support office

Provision relief, medical and educational support.

Caring people with special needs due to war injuries in Syria

Labour Office

Providing job opportunities for members

Activities Office

Courses – Concerts – Activities

Translation Office

Securing translators for members

Legal Office

Solving legal members problems

Noor Al-Sham School

Arabic language – Quran Karim – Dutch language courses